As you are probably aware, MEL has not been open due to quarantine restrictions, for going on 5 months now. During that time the need to maintain the building has become clear, with above average seasonal rain. The original library roof is in need of resurfacing and sealant to remain dry and minimize water damage to the existing structure and contents.

Because of the lack of income until we reopen and you can return, it has been decided that a nice way to generate needed revenue will be to publish an e-cookbook which will be for sale online. To do this we will need some help from all of our friends.

Please send us your favorite family recipe to be included in the cookbook. Submit it in your own words here and specify whether it is your personal favorite or a traditional family recipe.

Recipes will be arranged according to categories such as beverages, appetizers, main course, salads, desserts, holidays, etc.

In return you will be a published author with credit given, and a great help toward maintaining our library so that when our doors are open again, everything will be welcoming and new for the enjoyment of all.

This is for your library.

Thank you for your support!