As you know, the Mérida English Library depends on donations to fill our shelves.  Many of the books in circulation are donated by members and some are purchased by our Library Collections Committee.

But how do we fill the holes; how do we acquire books that we can’t otherwise get our hands on?  One way is through our partnership with Between The Lines bookstore, which is located near the library at the corner of Calle 53 x Calle 62, and where you can find books, journals, stationery, reading glasses, greeting cards, and more. .  Between The Lines has set up a MEL Wish List on their website.  If you’d like to make a book donation to the library, then please visit this link, select your book and they will order and deliver it.  It is that easy!  

We also have a BUY - READ - DONATE  partnership with Between the Lines!  Next time you finish reading a book you purchased at Between the Lines, you can take it back to them and they will donate it to the Mérida English Library on your behalf. You will then receive a 5% discount on any books you purchase at Between the Lines (cash only) the same day you bring the original books back. 

Please note: This program is only for books you purchase at Between the Lines. If you wish to donate other books, contact us directly. 

This is a great opportunity to support both the library and our local independent business people.