MEL COVID-19 Policy 

Update: January 18th 2022

Protecting the health and safety of our guests is a core value at MEL. Because of this value and commitment, MEL has established a policy to help reduce the transmission of coronavirus at the library and during events hosted by MEL. This policy applies to all of our employees, volunteers, vendors, and guests.

This policy provides for general operating guidelines and protocols. Given the rapidly evolving situation involving COVID-19, the specific implementation of this policy is subject to change based on current guidance from both the state and federal governments.

At the door of the library or an event

When you arrive at the library or location where the library is hosting an event, you will be greeted by a staff member or volunteer who will take your temperature. You’ll also be asked to confirm you've been free of COVID-19 symptoms for the past 10 days. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick.

Specific events hosted by the MEL may require attendees to show evidence of their full vaccination as a condition of entry. If this is the case, this requirement will be stated when the event is announced and on our website. Digital or paper evidence issued within the country of your vaccination will be accepted.

Capacity limits at the library

In line with state regulation and to keep everyone safe, occupancy at the library, as well as at events, is being restricted to 75%.

At the current time, the library is limiting its capacity indoors to 4 people browsing books at any time.  If the number of visitors exceeds this capacity, you will be asked to wait outside. To facilitate access for everyone we ask that you limit your visit to 30 minutes at times when others are waiting.  

Those attending MEL for events or activities will not be subject to the above capacity limits.  However, capacity limits will still apply and be limited based on ticket sales to the event.

Returning books

Remember that book returns can be done anytime through our book drop slot, located on the front door of the building without needing to enter the library.

Social distancing

The MEL requires everyone to stay at least 1.5 meters apart wherever possible, regardless of whether masks are being worn. In cases where physical distancing is not possible, we ask that you limit the time of the contact and avoid physical contact.

Face coverings

Guests must wear a face covering or a mask at all times. This includes the library and all common areas where guests are permitted, including restrooms. Guests are not required to wear a face-covering during the periods necessary to consume food and/or beverages. As per government regulation, the only exception to this rule is for guests under the age of 2.

Guests who are observed not complying with this policy will be reminded of the requirement to wear a face-covering at all times and will be offered a complimentary mask if needed. Guests who are unwilling to wear a face-covering will be escorted from the library or event by the senior member of staff on duty in a courteous manner.

Acceptable face coverings

The following items are considered acceptable types of face coverings:

  • A mask or 2 layered secured cloth that completely covers your nose and mouth and fits snugly to the sides of your face and under your chin.

  • Face shields worn with a face covering, but not in place of one.