We are so excited to announce our partnership with Between the Lines Mérida!


Have you been to Between the Lines yet? This cute local book store is only a couple of blocks away from the library, and it is so much more than a bookstore; you'll find journals, stationery, reading glasses, greeting cards, and more. 

Next time you finish reading a book you purchased at Between the Lines, you can take it back to them and they will donate it to the Merida English Library on your behalf. You will then receive a 5% discount on any books you purchase at Between the Lines (cash only) the same day you bring the original books back. 

Please note: This donation/discount program is only for books you purchase at Between the Lines. If you wish to donate other books, contact us directly. 

In this way, you are supporting not one but two local entities: your local indie bookstore and your local lending library!

Between The Lines is on the corner of Calle 62 and Calle 53 #450 (Plaza Carmesí) Mérida Centro.