Jonathan Harrington has lived in Yucatán for over twenty years. In addition to fifteen books (novels, essays, short stories and poetry), Jonathan has published non-fiction in everything from the New York Times to Metro Magazine.  He published five novels in his popular Danny O’Flaherty mystery series, three of which are on the shelves of the Merida English Library.  His latest book is Lift Up the Stone: The Gospel According to Jonathan, a book of original poetry.. 

You can enjoy Jonathan’s work as he reads from Lift Up the Stone, along with two other books of translated material – Oracion Rustica by famed scholar of Mayan culture José Díaz Bolio, and Seven Dreams by Feliciano Sánchez Chan who has been promoting Mayan language since he was nine years old.  This promises to be a fascinating morning of literature, presented by one of the foremost producers of books translated from the Mayan native language.  Watch the video here.