Reemerging from the worst part of the pandemic, many of us realized that we became sedentary and stiff, might feel anxious or lethargic. If you wish to recover a sense of wellbeing in a safe community setting, please join me in NEW BEGINNINGS

This is a foundational course designed to rebuild muscular stability, inner focus, flexibility, and balance. No weird, exhausting or acrobatic sequences. The practices are sustainable, breath-led, considerately paced, and accessible: they can be done on a mat or with the assistance of a chair. Each class we will meet at MEL’s beautiful and shaded courtyard; we will use professional audio equipment to guarantee you a better experience. After the classes, there will be coffee and water to buy, so that we can socialize if you wish. Additionally, during the time that you are registered in the classes, you will enjoy other benefits exclusively reserved for YOGA CON ALMA’s practitioners, such as the ALAPA SESSIONS and access to ALMA DURAN’S VIRTUAL YOGA ROOM, online sources of valuable information, and community support. Please read the information below before you register. 


Our community depends on our continued shared goal of protecting and keeping one another safe. 

Please read carefully the following conditions that apply to the classes. 

By registering in the class, you agree to these class policies: 

1. This offer is extended exclusively to immunized and fully vaccinated people.

 2. At your arrival, a temperature check will be done. MEL will also provide antibacterial you 3. There will be an area where you can store your personal items. 

4. It is recommended that you already arrive to MEL dressed for the class and 10 minutes before the session to accommodate the mats, please. 

5. The use of toilets is allowed.

 6. If the conditions remain safe, we will be allowing you to uncover your face in the classes. At the same time, we fully support you if you choose to wear a mask during the sessions. The possibility of practicing maskless, however, can change depending on what the state of the pandemic is in Merida and federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations – including local business and workplace guidance– as well as CDC and Yoga Alliance recommendations. If that happens, you will be informed by e-mail as soon as possible. Mask-wearing is not necessary during the yoga class, masks must still be worn in the Library at all other times

7. Yoga props are exclusively of personal use. Please bring your yoga mat and necessary props. Disinfected chairs will be provided by MEL every session. 

8. There will be no hands-on adjustments.

 9. In case of rain, we will move to a well-ventilated room within the same facilities 

10. The group size is limited, so that the space configuration allows us to maintain appropriate physical distancing. NEW BEGINNINGS is offered in Series of 4 consecutive sessions. If you have to miss a class, you can give it to a friend. Drop-ins will be accepted if there are spaces available a week before the Series start and the person agrees to comply with the safety regulations here stated. In all cases, preregistration and payment in advanced is necessary. 

11. A minimum of six participants are required to hold the Series. 

How to register • 

Press here to If you wish to register online for the Series and pay with a credit card. •

 For all other forms of payment -including direct bank deposit:

If you prefer to pay in person @ MEL, or if you wish to attend only one class, please contact ALMA using the contact form at the bottom of Alma´s website: If availability is confirmed, your spot will be reserved for 48 hours