This workshop envisions a space that would help nurture one's creative nature. How? By encouraging participants to connect with their own inherent wisdom and creativity through a contemplative, stream of consciousness, writing practice. One does not need to be an established writer, artist, or poet, to benefit.

Basia believes that as living, sentient beings, perception is available to all of us, all of the time; all of us have access to creative inspiration. This class would be a tool to help hone the creative energies inherent in all of us.

"Contemplative writing can help students/participants experience and understand the ways in which knowledge emerges from personal stories, embodied experience, intuitive insight, and spiritual inquiry. Contemplative writing is an attempt to critically and thoughtfully situate first person experience as a legitimate domain of knowledge making; as such, it challenges objectivism and opens space for the integration of emotion and intellect." In a profound and yet basic way, contemplative writing can "create a spacious moment - at the beginning to find a (spiritual) center; in the middle, to brainstorm; and at the end to reflect." (Parker Palmer, 2007 and Mary Rose O'Reilley, 1998).

The workshop/class structure, based on Basia’s own style, modeled from her experiences, would include:

  • An informal meet-and-greet with brief personal introductions.
  • Class Structure and Guidelines discussed, consisting of privacy (what is shared in the group stays in the group); optional feedback encouraged with only positive commentary, no critiques. And, a focus on "presence." An allowing of simply Being with emphasis placed on whatever is derived from the session, whether it be 2-3 pages, a sentence, or nothing written at all, is perfectly acceptable. No pressure or judgment. Just "Be." Questions encouraged for clarity.
  • The participants will be guided through a short meditative process, in which to prepare for the writing practice.
  • A prompt will be given, either a word or a phrase for the participant to focus on (although not set in stone, participants can write whatever comes to mind, though maintaining focus on the prompt is ideal).
  • The participants will be given 20 minutes to write whatever comes to mind based on the prompt. 
  • A brief break (15 minutes) will occur after the writing session; cookies/pastries and tea will be offered before the sharing/feedback portion begins.
  • The guidelines will be reiterated regarding privacy, sharing of personal writings, and feedback. 
  • After the session there will be a check-in to participants and a closing statement on Gratitude for all who participated - an appreciation of presence and shared community.

The workshop meets at the library on Tuesdays at 9:30 AM through August 23.  Please be prompt!  Each session is limited to ten participants and will last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours depending on class size.  Sessions will be held on the peaceful roof-top terrace at the library or in the air-conditioned conference room, depending on the weather. (Face masks are required in the classroom, please.)  The registration fee covers the costs of facilitation and refreshments.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own notebooks and writing utensils (though supplies will be available, if needed).   The fee for the course is $225 per person per session for library members or $250 per person per session  for non-members.  

Register and pay online using PayPal or by cash or credit card in person at the library.

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For more information, contact Basia by email or phone 9996 50 41 92.