This eight-week workshop (starts September 13 at 10 AM) is designed to elevate your knowledge and spark your creativity towards becoming a great lyricist. By understanding your creative process and implementing proven structures and techniques, you can gain a greater understanding of songwriting and learn how to take your lyrics to the next level. 

This workshop is open to anyone regardless of their level of experience or genre of music.  It will be valuable to those who have never written music before, while also providing the “nudge” or fresh ideas you might need even if you have an established career. The power of connecting with other creative people and brushing up some new skills will create a harmony and bring infinite opportunities for inspiration and improvement.

Throughout out the series you will be taken through techniques and exercises that will widen your perspective of writing lyrics, and will include opportunities for getting one-on-one feedback and support.

Goal: To write three finalized lyrics and showcase at a MEL live show.


  • Week 1 The Creative Process & Song Structures
  • Week 2 Toggling Pattern
  • Week 3 Collaboration & Melody
  • Week 4 Title Mastering & Rhyme


  • Week 5 Ghost Writing
  • Week 6 The Music Business & Commercial Writing Opportunities
  • Week 7 Masterclass - Melody Science
  • Week 8 Final Written Songs and One-on-One Sessions

Vicky has detailed information about each course that she is willing to distribute; you can email her about this or with other questions.

Class Structure (2.5 Hours):

  • 20 mins – Introduction and Visualization Techniques
  • 30 mins – Teaching on topic with exercise
  • 30 mins – Writing  
  • 20 mins – Break w/ healthy refreshments
  • 35 mins – Presenting your lyrics
  • 15 mins – Closing & Assignment

Enrollment for Module 1 is now open at a cost of $1200 for library members and $1400 for nonmembers.  A discount for Module 2 will be offered to participants who complete Module 1.  You can register online and pay via PayPal, or you can register in person at the library and pay with cash or credit card.

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Registration for the entire workshop ($1600 for members or $2000 for nonmembers) or for individual classes ($350 for library members and $400 for nonmembers) is also available.  Please send an email to

VickySoul is known for her smooth and soulful R&B sound and she has also written and collaborated within the electronic music genre. She is signed to AWAL and has released six singles so far in 2022. She graduated at the top of her class with honors at the University of South Wales, earning a BA in Popular & Commercial Music.  She also holds a MA with distinction in Songwriting and Production from the same university,. She has dedicated years to produce, write and record with artists such as Snoop Dogg and A&R representatives like D-Teck of Konvict Muzik.  Her passion for conscious songwriting led her to design this course to inspire and teach from her vast knowledge in music.

You can find samples of her music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.  Visit her Academy website, or her music website, or her Instagram page for more information.

Everyone has different approaches to songwriting, some are comfortable singing, some playing an instrument and creating melodies, and others enjoy the art of only writing. You are encouraged to bring an instrument to class if you wish. The diversity of the group will benefit the course, and whatever way you are comfortable the arrangements will be made to have your work performed by an artist or performed by yourself at the MEL live show.

Let’s create an unforgettable journey of knowledge, new friends and music!