Join us on this event in benefit of the Merida English Library, hosted in Pizzería Dirossomerida 

The chef of the house will walk us through the art of making artisanal pizza, and we will learn the process of the preparation of the dough, the time in the oven, and the combination of the suggested ingredients.

We will work on the making of a Pizza Napoli choosing between Pomodoro Sauce and White Sauce Besciamella like. The true art comes in adding the ingredients of your choice.

Live the experience of baking your own pizza in a traditional Italian stone oven, guided by the pizza master of Dirosso Mérida.

Tickets are available now for $650 general price which includes an artisanal pizza, 2 local beers and the shared dessert served on your table!

Bake & Sip - Pizza makes anything possible!

Saturday, August 20th

7- 9:30 pm 

Calle 59 #569 x 72 y 74 Barrio de Santiago 

This event is a fundraising for the Mérida English Library.