The Merida English Library is thrilled to announce these cultural events by the beginning of May. The Artisans Workshop Cycle is the perfect opportunity to meet and learn from some of the vendors of MEL’s bazaar that create amazing hand made products with high expertise.

Find out about the origin of their entrepreneurship and the impact in the local community.

Discover the techniques and know-how of these amazing projects as we practice and learn with one piece for ourselves. 

Get hands on in this fun and interactive program by creating your own handcrafts in leather with Condessa Leather, Candle making with Lumira, jewelry with Xitla Joyería, textile work with Ballena, and chocolate pieces with Kakaw Maya.

Check out our calendar and get your access for a single day workshop or get a special discount for the whole cycle. 

Single Day $500 MXN - Click here to pay by PayPal

Whole Package $2,000 MXN Click here to pay by PayPal